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An all-in-one suite for all your operational tasks.
More focused, more effective!
Unique Police®

Unique Police® is the comprehensive solution to govern every very aspect of response management. Ready to act as a team or to perform individually, supporting your staff.

Designed exclusively for Police

Technical Measures
& Tactical Operations

Unique Police®


Unique Police® keeps everything immediate and evident, whether you're dealing with map representation, resource assignment or visual warnings and summaries.

Ready for International Protocols

Do you want to fulfil the best practices and standards? Just activate PPDS® by Priority Dispatch Corp.™ and IAED™.

Language prediction and text matching support

Simplify target identification. Avoid typing errors. Enjoy automatic form filling.


Aggregate, manage and share interrelated incidents and resources.

Decision support tools

Be accurate, be quick, be effective thanks to the information processed by Unique Police® while the incident management evolves. Including:

  • White/black/special lists of phone numbers
  • Call history for current number
  • Incident correlation hints and duplicate recognition
  • Advices about localization and smartphone capabilities
  • Unit recommendation based on estimated time of arrival (ETA)

It's all about the maps!

Benefit from the bi-directional integration with the cartographic module. Including:

  • Real-time zooming on target areas
  • Map visualization of nearest resources and equipment
  • Incident correlation hints and duplicate recognition
  • Multiple source integrtion & customization


Share the incident management with other workstations and spread the information. Including:

  • Incoming call distribution
  • Data broadcasting acrossactive workstations
  • Supervisor assistance
  • Handover at shift change
  • Incident transfer to other Dispatch Centers or Agencies
  • Group dedicated teams in real-time
  • Clustered resources

Communicate, Design, Assign, Transfer
directly on the map!

- Unique Police® -

1ST CAD with ProQA Paramount Titanium International Certification

With Regola Hybrid Solutions you are using brand-new platforms completely designed to support all your daily tasks. And there is additional great news: ProQA® Paramount Titanium Certified CADs are in the list. Unique Police, we have the first Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System to gain this high-profile certification and we are proud of it.


Unique Police®

The Command&Control toolkit

Unique Police® is part of the Command&Control Toolkit designed and provided by Regola.
The toolkit is a set of out-of-the-box software modules supporting all the solutions for Command Operational Centers (COC).
Each module of the toolkit introduces state-of-the-art features, thus answering modern needs with an effective response.

Scalable and modular

Regola's Command & Control solutions are scalable both in functional completeness and in COC dimension and number. You are free to decide which individual modules will be added to your pre-existing software.

Usable, customizable and functional

Arrange the user interface as you need, avoiding floating windows and keeping information intuitive and clear. Benefit from the role switching feature to perform receiver and dispatcher tasks simultaneously. Gather your custom designed information.

Reliable and authoritative

Track management milestones, comments and timestamps. Seamlessly record every data input without interfering with the operational workflow. Accurately retrace incident's evolution and management. Preserve offline activities during network faults.


The Command&Control toolkit is enhanced by the long-standing partnership with Priority Dispatch Corp.™, provider of the ProQA® Paramount certifications for MPDS®, FPDS®, PPDS® and of AQUA® and LowCode® solutions.

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GIS mapping

Incident management and map visualization are continuously synchronized. The GIS module is able to display map layers from owned sources, local/national sources and providers such as Google Maps™, OpenStreetMap™ and more. Google Street View™ and webcams are supported as well. A performant routing engine is able to calculate the shortest route / shortest ETA interactively and to produce navigation instructions for on-board devices. Avoid ambiguities using the enhanced crossing representation and the linear path view. Benefit from map plugins to customize your map experience.

Technical Measures
& Tactical Operations

Design your own custom procedures for key dispatch scenarios.
Unique Police® will perform the automated tasks when the defined scenario occurs, thus granting response promptness and accuracy.


Supervise one or more COC at a glance by monitoring field coverage, workloads, system status and more!


Enrich your COC with features operating directly on-board the vehicles and on portable devices. Combine professional navigation with mission management. Include webcams and MDTs in your operative workflow.

Back Office and
Reporting Tools

Manage and configure your Unique Police® experience and develop accurate data analysis.

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Titanium Certified

I° CAD with ProQA Paramount Titanium International Certification


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